Tie-Dye Day

This year’s field day theme is ‘the Olympics’. Each class selected a country to represent at the Olympic games. Our class country is Venezuela. In order to make our class unique and stand out during the games students brought in t-shirts to tie-dye. It took some effort and lots of creativity, but students created their own unique shirt on Friday.

Flag_of_Venezuela (1)

After deciding on a design, students put rubberbands on their shirts to control where the die went. Once the rubberbands were on students took their shirts outside and we applied the die – red, blue and yellow – to the shirts. After letting them sit in a bag over night Mrs. Smith took them home, cut the rubberbands, rinsed in cold water, and put them through the wash (it was a long and nerve-wracking wash).

The shirts came out GREAT! Each one is unique and I know we are DEFINITELY going to stand out during Field Day. In order to make sure that all students have their shirts, I’ll be handing them back on Monday, May 23rd — our Field Day!

Check out some pictures of the fun below….

Tie-Dye Day

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  1. Jen Monahan LaGreca

    Wow, those look really cool! Great job, everyone!!

    1. mrssmith (Post author)

      They look even cooler washed and folded!! But you’ll have to wait until the 23rd to see them in person!


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