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Today students had two visitors from BDO, a financial company in Stamford, take time out of their busy work day to come and hang out with us in the classroom through the Junior Achievement program.

Through a series of five different lessons students learned about the types of city zones and the buildings or structures that can fit in each, credits vs debits, wants vs needs, how to save money and what it means to get interest and finally they had time to work together to come up with their own business plan.

In their business plan students were Accountants and Managers trying to come up with a new idea for a successful restaurant. They created menus, selected the menu items and set the prices for their products. Then they had to hire staff and food to get their business started. Once they had enough food and their plan started, they took the money they earned through answering questions correctly to start paying the bills. Did they have enough money to start their business? Ask your child to find out!

See some pictures from our day below!

JA In A Day

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  1. Jen LaGreca

    So cool!


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