Coming Up….Week of 11/28

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving & enjoyed the time with family and friends!

We got back in the groove quite quickly yesterday and are getting ourselves set up for another ROCKSTAR week!

Here is a quick peek into what is happening….

Reading — We are diving into our new unit on Rocks & Minerals. Throughout this unit we will be learning about what makes up rocks & minerals. We will also be focusing on Informational texts — identifying & analyzing text features, finding the main idea & supporting details, writing summaries, and working on lots of vocabulary!!

Writing — Students will start learning the pieces of an expository/research piece of writing. We will talk about how to ‘zoom’ into one specific idea so we don’t write about one HUGE topic. We will also be discussing the pieces of this type of writing.

Math — Math tests have been graded and will be coming home this week. We are going to be weaving some extra practice with solving word problems in as we start our new Math unit. So you will not see typical Math homework this week as a result.

FYI — Wednesday is an early release & report cards go home on Friday!

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