Cave Day 2017

Our end to the Rocks & Minerals unit was ROCKING!! (Sorry for the bad joke!)

Cave Day 2017 was a HUGE success! Our “Mining Guides” did a great job giving tours to the many guests who came by and visited the cave. Their projects were amazing – they really thought about all the pieces that were necessary in their projects!! They were so knowledgable about rocks & minerals — I am one PROUD teacher!!

On top of it all they even made the news!! The Stamford Advocate thought the cave was cool enough so they stopped by too!! Check out the article here: Stamford Teacher, Students Convert Classroom into Cave

Students also helped to create a Rock Cycle display outside of the classroom — with QR Codes to link you to a Green Screen video explaining the phases of the Rock Cycle. (The links below will take you to their explanations).


The Rock Cycle



Metamorphic Rock

Sedimentary Rock





Missed a chance to tour the Cave?! Take your own private tour here:  Cave Day 2017 Tour

*Stay tuned for links to student slide show projects!


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