Heroes Day 2: Abdul Sattar Edhi

Today’s discussion on heroes was inspired by Google Art. (If you go to Google.com today the Google Art you will see the artwork).

Abdul Sattar Edhi is today’s Google Art honor because today would’ve been his 89th birthday.

Abdul Sattar Edhi created a volunteer ambulance service in Pakistan. This volunteer ambulance service has become the LARGEST volunteer ambulance service in the WORLD (it’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records). Abdul Sattar Edhi came from a poor family who didn’t have anything, but he saved his money and was determined to help as many people as he could, so he founded the first volunteer ambulance in his home country of Pakistan.

Our discussion of Abdul Sattar Edhi, took us on a geographical exploration of the World – looking at the distance between Connecticut and Pakistan, inferring the climate and landscape of Pakistan by looking at Google Maps.

After discussing the history of Sattar Edhi students decided that he WOULD be a hero because of his desire to help people he didn’t know by starting the Edhi Foundation and saving people’s lives with his ambulance.

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