Heroes & Heroines

It was back to business today, as we dove into the world of Heroes & Heroines (our next unit in Social Studies & reading).

We started off our reading time discussing what we think a hero is – what characteristics we think they have – and how a hero is different than an idol.

Students thought that a hero has to be popular and famous but after discussing different people who we think are heroes (our parents, teachers, police officers, fireman, etc), we quickly realized that all heroes don’t have to be famous or popular….they need to be brave and strong.

We also read a picture book about a hero, The Story of Ruby Bridges. We had great conversations about the qualities and character traits that Ruby possessed that allowed her to continually go to school while people were yelling and screaming at her. We also had a conversation about segregation and how the laws have changed.

Once the reading block started students spent time building up their stamina in read to self, discussing books with a partner in read to someone, and writing about someone who is their hero in work on writing.

Check back for more as we continue to dive into the world of heroes & heroines!!!

Click here to see The Story of Ruby Bridges read aloud.

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