The Places We Have Gone – Our #BookADay Challenge

My goal this year is for our class to try to read at LEAST one picture book a day — so that by the end of the year we will have read 181 picture books! (WOAH!).

My favorite part of the read alouds are the the connections that are created over a book

Our classroom door with a picture of all of our read alouds!

– the anticipation, the worry, the laughter, the empathy, the courage, the leadership. Will duck leave the bear alone? Will the girl make anything magnificent? Will Horton ever find the Whos? Are they really being that mean to her? Will she give up? Will he really eat the tablets? How do they make the boy feel visible again?

The places that we have been…the imaginary world, the street, a classroom, the refrigerator, an alligator’s house.

After the story is done…the lasting conversation that we have together…have you ever felt invisible? Have you ever tried to make something magnificent? Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

And the inspiration to write our own stories…what will the next installment of Sir French Toast and Lady Pancake hold? Is it the invasion or Commodore Ice Cream?


While we may not be keeping to our #BookaDay goal (life gets in the way) we have already shared quite an amazing group of stories together. I’m sure I’m missing SOME, but take a peek at some of the amazing adventures we have been on together.

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