Book Fair & a Blizzard

I am so glad to see that everyone made it through Snowstorm Stella! Luckily it wasn’t as much as we thought and I’m glad everyone made it to school today!

With the two hour delay our schedule was a little funky — we spent time working on our Unit 5 Math test (that we’ve tried to take 3 times already but snow and meetings got in our way!).

A few students brought in their “Leprechaun Challenge Towers” — they had some extremely creative ideas and I can’t wait to see how many pennies each one holds!! Stay tuned for test results tomorrow!!

Thank you to the flexibility of the PFO we were able to get into the Book Fair today. Students had a LOT of fun making their wish lists and checking out some new titles brought to you by Scholastic. The book fair will be open tomorrow as well so if students want to bring in money we will find time to let them shop! (They were SO excited to find new books and I was so excited to help them!).

*If your child couldn’t find any books while shopping at the book fair — make sure to check out and order through our class book shop!

Check out some of the book shopping fun here:

Book Fair Shopping

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