Breaking Down Classroom Walls – Staying in Touch During the School Year

It is my practice to keep YOU the parents informed about what is happening in the classroom – luckily with technology there are many ways for us to do this!

Class Messenger: I will be using Class Messenger as a tool to send messages to families about what is happening in the classroom, set up conferences, or request meetings. Class Messenger is also a simple, easy way to communicate with me. Join our class account here: Mrs. Smith’s Class Messenger

Twitter: Follow our class Twitter account @MrsSmithsStars to find out what we are doing in 140 characters or less. As the year moves on we will have a student Social Media Manager who will manage the account.

Instagram: Want to see a quick picture of what is happening in the classroom today? Find out with our class Instagram account MrsSmithsStars

Seesaw: This year your child will be creating a digital portfolio through Seesaw. It will allow YOU to have unprecedented access to your child’s responses to see where their strengths are and where they can improve based on collaborative feedback. You can also comment on your child’s portfolio as well! Seesaw Login

Class Website: You’ve already found us! The website is a place to find lengthier updates about what is happening in the classroom, quick links to navigate, and information about what we are learning or doing. I will do my best to update our class website at least once a week.

I look forward to working with you this year to make it an amazing year for YOUR child! 🙂


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